About us


With you heart and soul.

For us, Canada has gone from dream destination to adopted home. We visited the huge, breathtaking country countless times after first coming when we were both 23. We had contact with the locals and spent days and months in the wilderness. Until one day we said: Now is the time.

Since 2012 we have lived at Tetachuck Lodge during the summer months as hosts, where we live an intense yet free day-to-day life. And we want to show our guests how much nature has to offer and how important it is to try new things throughout your life. Maybe the same thing will happen to you that happened to us: Canada will not let go of you.


Katharina Temperli

After training as a nurse, I worked in the intensive care unit. Technology moved increasingly to the forefront and the actual nursing took a back seat. Soon I realized that I preferred to work with natural remedies, and I decided take classes in natural healing. I built a practice in foot reflex zone massage, and continued training in homeopathy and kinesiology. At the same time I had the opportunity to take over managing the community care nursing for the hospital. I had to make a decision, and took the position. I was able to put much of my skills to use and learn new things as well. I worked for several years in the overall management of community nursing. After 22 years there, we decided to make a new start

Theodor Temperli

After training as a technical draftsman, I worked in several different jobs. I decided to switch careers and studied winemaking and wine technology, completing a master craftsman diploma as cellar master. I worked for 17 years and cultivated my own vineyards with winemaking and marketing. I continued in this profession until we made a new start with Tetachuck Lodge. Here’s what we learned in health care and winemaking: “Hospitality” is what we want to provide when serving our guests.