The Year 2016

May - 20

The Year 2016

The year 2016 was weatherwise extraordinary. We had records of rainfall and thunderstorms as we never have seen in the last 5 years. Nevertheless the sun came through almost every day, either in the morning with a beautiful sunrise or in the evening with awesome sunsets.


The year 2016 was the year of the bears. Almost all of our guests were able to spot a bear from a safe distance and could take pictures to show at home. Very impressive experience.

2016 was the year of realization….last winter I have hired a cook for the purpose of relief. I was hoping to get some more time to spend with the guests and to improve my garden. Too bad I had to find out that the cook didn’t had the same understanding of a well equipped kitchen, as I have. Theodor and me had more work, than without cook. After three weeks, in the middle of high season, he left. We were lucky to find very good help, very soon. I realized that it is my duty to go on cooking for our guests.

2106 was the year of unexpected guests: The Bulkey Nechako area is also an Eldorado for canoeists. 300 km of lakes enables a special canoe tour. Three parties did the trip this year and stopped at the lodge overnight. This shows us that travelling by canoe is an other adventure to reach the lodge.

Two young ladies were staying at the lodge doing research on the impact of the wildfires 2013 and 2014 to the vegetation. We are curious to get some results.

BC tourism launched a project with google Trekker to popularize regions far off civilisation. Three young people were visiting us with a 360-degree camera and they took pictures and made a video from the surrounding and the lodge. The result is a 360-degree picture on google maps and a video from the lodge which we will soon get to use for marketing reasons. With this and more, we hope to get a better position in google, so that we will be found better in the internet.


Our good, old Skiff, which we have used for heavy transports, is no more very safe. So we had to get another boat. It is so much more comfortable, especially when the lake is rough.

2016, again we had the chance to meet many nice guests and we are happy that everything went well. We hope that our guests will keep the lodge with its beautiful environment in good memory for a long time and that the one or other might return.

This year we left the lodge on time, before the lake started to freeze.

Now we are back in Switzerland, both working. Theodor as a security person and me as a nurse in a small home for elder people.

Already now, we are looking forward to the first of May, when we hopefully can come back to Canada and return to our lodge.